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But back to literature. Books may not be as categorical, but they influence people no less than cinematography, creating stereotypes and ideals that are deposited in the subconscious and can change the worldview of individuals and even mentality of an entire nation. And this applies to any work, in whatever genre and volume it was not presented by the author. That is why when legit essay writing service, they try to touch on vital topics. It is important to remember: for someone, our opuses may be a temptation, a role model, perhaps even a script for their own life.

Ivan Andreevich Krylov has a fable "The Composer and the Robber," in which the fable writer just and raises the problem of the impact of writing on the reader. The plot of the fable is as follows: the writer and the robber die and go to hell, and for their sins they are put into cauldrons, under which they make fire. Beneath the robber, the fire burns brightly at once, for he has killed, robbed, and committed many other atrocities. But beneath the writer, the flame at first barely smolders. But as time passes, the fire under the robber's cauldron begins to die out, and under the writer it burns brighter and brighter. When the writer begins to cry out for justice (he didn't kill or rob anyone), the following is explained to him: the outlaw's work ended with his death, and what the writer left to the world after him continues to be read by more and more people who learn from his works of debauchery, meanness and other similar passions. The more time passes, the more people are seduced by the writer's works. And the more punishment he deserves.

This parable is the best way to illustrate the results of writing. And we can go on and on about the influence of fiction on life.
A friend of mine, a veterinarian with a college degree, was convinced that horses should be kept in as cold a stable as possible in winter, so that the temperature inside would be close to the temperature outside. Why? Because Alexandre Dumas in his work "The Fencing master" wrote that in winter the Russians experienced a great difference of 40 degrees between the temperature indoors and outdoors, which immediately made the mass of people fall ill with pneumonia when they went from the warm, plus 25, place to the cold, minus 25, street.

Based on Dumas' logic, if people live in Antarctica and it is minus eighty outside, then they need to make sure that the temperature indoors does not rise above minus forty. Otherwise, there will be too much of a drop and you can't go outside. (How nice that our scientists who explored Antarctica, unlike my acquaintance, were not guided by Dumas' novels).

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